Magia Record English Hack Cheats [99999 Magia Gems for free]

Magia Record English Hack Cheats

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Magia Record English Guide

You can likewise observe the accessible Magia level redesigns on the left half of the screen. When you have gathered every one of the materials, and achieved the right Episode level, you can press the secure that lights in pink to raise the Magia level and devour the materials. Each Magia level raises the harm and impacts of the Magia, with the fifth and last level likewise expanding the Magia check top for the otherworldly young lady from 100% to 200%. This last level, when come to, likewise opens a unique Doppel mission as the fourth and last journey in the Magical Girl Story if the character has been stirred to 5 stars. This mission requires the prior three sections to be finished, has no account of it's own, and highlights a harder battle against a duplicate of the enchanted young lady included in the story. When finished, this mission opens the Doppel of the mystical young lady being referred to. At dispatch, just common 4 star enchanted young ladies have access to their Doppels, yet more turned out to be accessible later. Her bit of leeway will be available, yet not overpowering. Rika is a decent Accel character with an individual memoria that enables you to do her accel combo. Useful for a group that is worked around impacting magia. Kanoko can be utilized as a more fragile variant of Mami that can at present lock rivals Kako is adorable. She's additionally one of only a handful couple of early approaches to expel debuffs in the game. 
Hazuki is hot as damnation and excessively faithful to her significant other, Konoha. Try not to give anybody a chance to disclose to you generally. Rena is a whore for symbol tickets. Another accel character that likewise has the most elevated atk in the game for a decent measure of time. ** MEMORIA - For latent, everything that has Atk or Damage up IV or V are your best choices for hostile memoria for in any event the following two years. This is an all the more dominant assault that may deliver status consequences for rivals or lift the quality of partners. 5* Magical Girls have the additional capacity to bring a Doppel when their MP checks achieve 200. These speak to a definitive assaults, managing a lot of harm and conceding amazing rewards. Note: Magia and Doppel circles don't check towards Puella Combo. Be that as it may, having 3 Magia or Doppel plates chose has a similar impact as a Blast Combo, with each successive Magia or Doppel managing more harm. The second 50% of the turn is the adversary's turn. Essential foe assaults pursue indistinguishable general guidelines from player assaults with a couple of changes: While the adversary can utilize around 3 plates for every turn, most fundamental rivals just have 1 circle. In the event that there are less than 3 adversaries on the field, you may just be assaulted a few times. Foes can utilize Skills that are not regularly accessible to the player, and may utilize them with no cooldown. There are a few supervisor battles all through the game, more often than not as witches, bits of gossip, or other Magical Girls. In contrast to essential foes, managers can assault up to multiple times per turn. They more often than not have much more HP and arrangement altogether more harm. Supernatural Girl managers might probably access the MP checks and convey their Magia or Doppel, Connect to different foes, or develop Disk Combos. A shortcoming of certain supervisors, in any case, is the way that they take up a few squares, implying that Blast, Magia, and Doppel assaults will hit them more than once. From the fight menu you can audit your main goal destinations, quit the fight, or alter the conduct of the Auto Mode. Auto mode is accessible on the Main Story for all players, and on other story missions after they have been finished at any rate once. While it improves the game and makes undertakings, for example, thing cultivating simpler, it ought not generally be depended on - the Auto mode is famously terrible with regards to its circle choice and aptitude use. 

When you begin Magia Record English just because, there are a couple of compulsory advances you should take, in addition to various prescribed activities. This guide is a stroll through of your first run. Contents[show] When you begin the game just because, you might be approached to download some game documents. These downloads are obligatory to run the game. Snap OK to begin the download. It's suggested you download game records over Wi-Fi, as they can be a few MB. Next you will be given the startup screen. The catches on the base of the screen are clarified in Translated Game Screens, yet until further notice, tap anyplace else on the screen to proceed. Since this is your first time playing, you will be approached to peruse and accept the Terms and Conditions . Snap the pink catch to accept. You should now your download choices. Tick which choices you need and snap the pink catch to accept. Note: contingent upon which alternatives you select, your download may take as long as a few hours! Additionally make sure to check you have a lot of room on your gadget in the event that you select the most astounding quality. From this menu, you can choose when Auto mode utilizes abilities, interfaces, and Magia. I don't accept any are accessible at this moment, however simply remember that. The best hostile memoria is 'I made Friends', which ought to come up on the NA gacha soon during the Azalea Blooms occasion. From that point onward, the following remarkable one is 'My Bible', additionally from a gacha, and afterward 'Weaved Path', which is free on the off chance that you complete the occasion. 

That one is an absolute necessity get and will stay with you for a long time to come. With respect to now, simply put whatever gives you the most astounding assault. For capacity memoria, there are no extraordinary alternatives at the present time. It'll be for a spell until a capacity memoria turns out that stands over the rest. Simply stick to either Iroha's, Yachiyo's or possibly Kyouko's memoria on the off chance that you have them. Something else, utilize the one that gives you the most elevated hp/def. What's more, you can get nice 4* memoria from the free/companion draw. The last, and most troublesome approach to reinforce an enchanted young lady is through opening extra Memoria spaces for them. This is finished by heading off to the base choice on the mysterious young lady page, and requires unique things known as Destiny Gems. These diamonds are one of a kind to each enchanted young lady, and relying upon the uncommonness of the young lady, more are required to open a memoria space, with 1 for every level being required for regular 4 star mystical young ladies, 3 for characteristic 3 stars, and 10 for normal 2 stars and beneath. These Destiny Gems can be picked up at whatever point you gain a duplicate of a mysterious young lady that you as of now have from the gacha, which will change over into a solitary Destiny Gems, paying little respect to irregularity.


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