Ayakashi Romance Reborn Hack [Get free Diamonds]

Ayakashi Romance Reborn Hack 

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Ayakashi Romance Reborn Guide

Ayakashi Romance Reborn Guide has been released. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. The city is under attack by the Wraith scourge! Only you and your handsome Ayakashi comrades have the power to protect those you love! Unlock the mysteries behind this epic adventure, and win the heart of the man you love! Do you have what it takes to save the day?! Stand and fight for a love 1,000 years in the making. If you want to request a specific page to go in more depth about a mechanic, please submit a Content Inquiry and put ARR at the top of the message. They are: Main Story, Romance Sonnets, Cards & Patrol, and Events. Like most otome games, there is a story with Ayakashi: Romance Reborn. However, it works a little differently. In order to read the main story, you need Main Story Keys. These are acquired by going on Patrol and Level Up. Every time you Level, you will be given one key. The Main Story has several chapters and you can read multiple Main Stories at once. At the time of this guide's writing, only Dawn Chapter is available. Ayakashi: Romance Reborn is a card-based otome game where your goal is to gather a faction of ayakashi (supernatural monsters) and train them to become a powerful player. To do this, you collect cards through Draws, going on Patrols to level up those cards, using Points and gems to power up those cards, and battling Wraiths. This guide will go over the general mechanics of the game. There are four areas under story, they are all different types of story that are in the game. This site is a big proponent of encouraging commercial companies to release their games in English. This is general overall guide to the card system as far as ranking cards, how to get cards, ect. At the moment, it does not include actual card information, but that may change in the future. As the name suggest, Diamond Draws use Diamonds to Draw Cards. This Draw contain R, SR, and SSRs. If you obtain an SR or SSR ticket, they can only be used in the Diamond Draw. Before reading my first impressions of the game make sure to check out my interview with the localisation game director, Ryan, over here! I don't want to spend too much time going over the different features of the game as I believe that's something best experienced by yourself. But let's have a quick look. After completing the prologue (5 chapters), you're given the option to follow the story of one of three divisions (Dawn, Night and Twilight). From there the story branches into an individual romance route. Another thing you will benefit from completing Patrol Missions is Diamonds! For every Mission you complete you will get Diamonds! It's another way to collect Diamonds, so keep it in mind! A little tip here: You can tap on the "Refresh" button (it literally looks like a refresh button) to switch between text view and Missions completed in a stage. It will basically show you exactly which stages you will still have to re-play to fulfill the Missions. Completing these missions will not only give you Diamonds and SR draw, but once completed they will unlock a whole new set of missions! Additionally, when you're unlocking the strengths or extra features of a card it seems like you have to click on each bit individually. This can get tedious if you want to completely level up a card. It would be great if you could just click at a point and unlock until there - something similar to how Shining Live works. Overall, Ayakashi: Romance Reborn has done what I did not think possible. It has a lot of fun game mechanics that work together and don't overwhelm the player. 

At the end you get Points, used for Points scouting and leveling up cards and also bond experience. Finally, the most adorable feature is the cafe. Here you send a team of Ayakashi to invite guests and you can watch them socialize with each other. There's also a gacha that you use Diamonds or Points to get cards for your teams. Diamonds are really easy to get if you patrol alot and complete missions. A little different then your typical Otome game. Selecting a partner during fever also increases the Patrol Story bar by 10% instead of 5%. Hitting 10%, 50%, and 100% on the Patrol Story bar unlocks a part of the Patrol's story. These are generally short and features the patrol partner. Normally you encounter a wraith at the end of a patrol, but sometimes you will encounter citizens or your patrol partner who gives you an additional reward. As mentioned before, completing Patrols is one way to gain Bond exp and level.


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